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  • Caballeria, Miquel; Falqués, Albert; Coco, G.; Huntley, D.A. (American Society of Civil Engineers, 2001)
    Sand bars which are normal to the coastline have been described on sandy beaches Irom low to moderate wave energy (Niedoroda and Tanner, 1979; Konicki and Holman, 2000). A generating mechanism lor such bars is here proposed ...
  • Coco, G.; Ruessink, B.G.; Van Enckevort, I.M.J.; Caballeria, Miquel; Falqués, Albert; Holman, R.A.; Plant, N.G.; Turner, I.L. (World Scientific, 2005)
    The development of surf zonc crescentic sandbars has beeo analyzed using video observations al lhrce sites: Duck (USA), Gold Coast (Australia). and NoordwiJk (The Netherlands). Video observations indicate the developmenl ...
  • Falqués, Albert; Van den Berg, Niels; Ribas Prats, Francesca; Caballeria, Miquel (2012)
    Shoreline undulations extending into the bathymetric contours with a length scale larger than that of the rhythmic surf zone bars are referred to as shoreline sand waves. Many observed undulations along sandy coasts display ...

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