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  • Lloveras, Anna; van Dijk, Kimo; Schoumans, Oscar; Marks, Evan; Llenas, Laia (30-06-2020)
    This study was carried out as part of the European demonstration project FERTIMANURE funded by the H2020 Programme (project number 862849) titled Innovative nutrient recovery from secondary sources – Production of ...
  • Spicnagel, Ana-Marija; Lloveras, Anna; Dukić, Barbara; Crespo, Diana Cristina; Godoy Reyes, Felipe Alberto; Llenas, Laia (01-2021)
    This report is part of the Horizon 2020 project Fertimanure – “From Farm to Market: Upcycling manure to improved fertilising products”. The project is coordinated by BETA Technological Centre at the University of Vic in ...
  • Ferrari, Ramiro; Amery, Flora; Berger, Marie-Cristine; Chubb, Lindsay; Garmendia Lemus, Sergio; Steisel, Danaé; Lloveras, Anna; Ramis, Gal·la; Llenas, Laia (31-01-2021)
    The main aims of the H2020 project FERTIMANURE focus on the development of production methods as well as the scaling-up of the production and use of biobased fertilisers (BBFs) derived from livestock manure, which shall ...
  • Cucina, M.; Adani, F.; Zilio, M.; Herrera, A.; Lloveras, Anna; Moreira, Mariana; Delaune, Marie; Gutierrez Llerenas, Juan Pablo; Meers, Erik; Assaker, Aurore; Schoumans, Oscar; van Dijk, Kimo; Llenas, Laia (31-01-2021)
    In FERTIMANURE WP1 (FERTIMANURE framework), the animal manure value chain was evaluated by (i) analysing the current scenario in the on-farm experimental pilots, (ii) defining the current market situation of bio-based ...
  • Jorba, Montse; Marks, Evan; Ramis, Gal·la; Llenas, Laia (31-01-2021)
    The work developed in this task is part of the WP1. FERTIMANURE framework, in particular of Task 1.5 Capitalization of relevant projects results developed by LEITAT, whose aim is to identify on-going and finished projects ...

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